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Bayer Implements Omada’s IGA Solution

Bayer Controls 20 Million Entitlements with Omada’s Identity and Access Governance Solution

Bayer’s identity and access management (IAM) program is one of the strategic programs run by the Bayer global CIO Office responsible for the group-wide core of Bayer’s IT.

Involvement of the lines of business in program steering ensures proper focus and prioritization. Bayer Business Services, the Bayer Groups global competence center for IT and Business Services is executing the ambitious Bayer Group IAM strategic program working closely with Omada as a strategic partner.

Encouraged by the successful implementation of the IAM solution, Bayer has taken its identity solution further to assure compliance, deep access intelligence, and complete control over user identities, accounts, and entitlements by also implementing the Omada Identity and Access Governance (IAG) solution.

Identity and access management platform with more than 100,000 active identities

The strategic partnership around Bayer’s identity management solution was initiated when Omada was first selected to assist Bayer by designing and implementing a company-wide global IAM platform.

The global, company-wide IAM solution has been rolled out throughout the Bayer enterprise to more than 140 companies in 62 countries with more than 100,000 managed active identities.

The Omada Identity Management solution for Bayer incorporates:

  1. User lifecycle management with automated birth rights assigned at the time of onboarding an employee or a contractor
  2. Self-service processes for users to request resources with built-in approval workflows and managed provisioning of roles by user, resource owner, and by system
  3. Group management of distribution/security groups, and contacts
  4. Role Management to manage access to systems/applications based on resource roles. The roles can aggregate permissions
  5. Privilege account management
  6. File System Management of permissions to folders in the file systems

The support structures at Bayer have become more efficient as the IAM solution facilitates data cleansing, and provides a more complete and consistent set of user information. The IAM data provides the basis for IT compliance ensuring that the correct information is available to the right person. As a result, IT access rights are managed properly and have established the foundation for a secure IT environment.

“The solutions provided by Omada enable Bayer to achieve our objectives.” – Stephanie Jaecks, Head of Bayer IAM, Program Management

Omada’s IAG solution ensures enterprise overview

The Bayer IAM platform is augmented by Omada’s IAG solution. The IAG solution in place at Bayer collects entitlement data from IAM connected systems into the Omada Data Warehouse and provides a consolidated enterprise overview to the business and auditors – external and internal, who welcome the data now readily updated and available to them – also reporting about historical data. The connected systems are for example SAP systems, AD managed systems, and Share-Point farms. The latest implemented IAG enhancement is Omada Attestation, which on top of the Omada Data Warehouse, provides managers with the option to review and revoke entitlements as an integrated part of identity workflows.

Our Identity Access Management program strives to increase the efficiency of Bayer’s IT systems, to improve risk management by continuously assigning correct and consistent user access rights according to their job responsibilities, and to always provide updated identity intelligence and support entitlement reviews. The solution provided by Omada enables Bayer to achieve our objectives;” states Stephanie Jaecks, Head of Bayer IAM program management at Bayer Business Services.

Currently the solution controls up to 20 million entitlements. The IAM roadmap at Bayer is expected to move towards providing the business with even further identity intelligence by progressively connecting more systems to the scalable Omada IAG solution.

Omada is very excited about working closely with Bayer’s IAM program – achieving its goals, meeting business needs, and fulfilling continuous requests from the business. In such a large organization as Bayer, our solution is fully utilized and really gets to prove its value;” says Christian Stendevad, Executive Vice President at Omada.

Omada Identity Manager and Omada Identity and Access Governance are part of the Omada Identity of products.

Based on Microsoft BI

Omada’s solution provides a scalable identity and access governance solution built on Microsoft BI and a data warehouse platform. The BI platform easily plugs into an organization’s infrastructure and is well adopted by IT departments.

The solution collects data and delivers the exact identity intelligence required to provide a consolidated overview. Deep access intelligence is provided across connected or non-connected systems, regardless of which fulfillment solution is applied.

Bayer Case Study

Bayer Controls 20 Million Entitlements with Omada’s Identity and Access Governance Solution


Bayer | Germany

Industry: Pharmaceuticals, health care, and nutrition

Profile: Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the fields of health care, nutrition, and high-tech materials. The company’s products and services are designed to benefit people and improve quality of life. Bayer employs approx. 111,400 people and have sales of €35.1 billion.

Solution: Omada Identity and Access Management; Omada Identity and Access Governance Solution including data warehouse.

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