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We apply our best-practice processes and standardized implementation approach to transform, streamline and automate identity governance

Best practice implementation approach

A successful identity governance project depends not only on selecting the right technical solutions, but on adopting the right project implementation methodology. 

Omada has developed the IdentityPROJECT+ methodology based on 20 years of experience in IAM and identity governance projects. We are committed to continuously refining and further developing the methodology based on our ongoing experience and in line with the changing needs of our customers and partners. 


Achieve Fast Concrete Results 

IdentityPROJECT+ supports a fast approach to align on an initial scope for the first Business Blueprint, as it leverages the IdentityPROCESS+ best practice process framework as an accelerator.  


A Complete Solution for Successful IGA Projects 

IdentityPROJECT+ enables organizations to implement identity governance based on the IdentityPROCESS+ framework delivering measurable results and business value: 

  • Get measurable and valuable results faster through streamlined projects 
  • Guide the implementation team through all project phases to be completed on time 
  • Adopt standardized, well-documented, extensible best-practices that ensure delivery of future-proof identity solutions 
  • Exploit best-practices and offer automation options 
  • Improve project progress monitoring and keep stakeholders informed 
  • Reduce total cost and risk of implementation through an iterative implementation roadmap 
  • Discover the power of unique features and tools built into Omada solutions 
  • Incorporate organization and partner teams 
  • Seamlessly integrate IGA in your existing environment in terms of adaptation of tools, reporting, technical platforms, and deployment requirements 
  • Utilize Omada-certified project managers, architects, and consultants to design lean identity governance solutions in the most optimal way 
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Industry-leading IGA Software and Identity Governance Framework

Omada Identity Cloud is based on over 20 years of experience and delivery of rapid and reliable identity results that give organizations the maximum value for their identity governance investment.

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