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Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst Implements Omada Identity

Omada Provides Huf with the Key to Role-Based Access Management

Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst GmbH has implemented Omada’s solution as a centralized platform to manage user access to its 7,000 employees located in 14 countries across the world.

Huf is a German specialist company that develops and produces mechanical and electronic key systems, lock sets, steering column locks, remote control systems, telematic and tire pressure monitoring systems for the automotive

Complex governance and compliance requirements

Huf needed a solution to automatically manage and integrate its identity data, user access and compliance information across its IT environment on a centralized platform.

A top priority was to integrate its complex, project-based product development solution. This would provide a foundation to prepare for and stay compliant with internal security policies and external government and industry requirements, such as ISO 27001.

Huf required provisioning and de-provisioning of user access rights to be carried out automatically when changes occurred in its organization, such as when new employees joined, when existing employees shifted roles or projects, or left the company.

Huf lacked a centralized, complete and up-to-date audit trail of users’ access rights. This made it difficult to consistently enforce compliance policies such as segregation of duties (SOD), and run forensic analysis.

Previously, the process of re-certifying/attesting user access rights at Huf was not state-of-the-art and compliance reporting was a time consuming task.

Customizable solution meets detailed requirements

Huf chose to implement Omada Identity to integrate its user access data and 4,000 identities from across its heterogeneous network in a centralized platform.

Omada Identity automates and applies global processes for user access provisioning and de-provisioning, which helps Huf meet governance, auditing, and ISO 27001 requirements.

As it is a highly customizable solution, Omada Identity meets Huf’s detailed requirements, such as integration to industry-specific product development system and homegrown intranet.

“I am confident that Omada will deliver a satisfactory ROI,” says Sven Pfüger, IT director at Huf. “We chose Omada because it provides complete integration without a lot of extra development. Omada’s role-based access control is truly flexible and dynamic, supporting our organizational set-up without time-consuming complexity.”

Stronger security with attestation and compliance reporting

“Timely removal of ex-employees’ access, both to systems and buildings, is essential to our security,” says Sven Pfüger. “Now, when an employee leaves, Omada Identity removes the relevant access rights immediately, wherever the location. This is a great relief for me!”

Omada Identity maintains a complete and current audit trail for Huf, so Sven Pflüger and his staff now have easy access to audit information. The audit trail makes forensic analysis fast to execute, and provides both scheduled and ad-hoc compliance reporting and attestation.

Attestation and compliance reporting occur automatically, making the processes faster, more accurate, and frequent. Omada Identity provides Huf with enterprise-ready reporting, so it is easy for management to assess compliance status at any given time. Omada Identity runs end-to-end attestation for Huf, from the creation of attestation surveys to automatic de-provisioning of incorrect access rights, and follow-up compliance reporting.

“Omada delivered exactly the improvements we required for attestation and compliance reporting”, says Sven Pflüger. “I use far fewer resources and less time and effort on these processes because Omada controls and runs them for us.”

With greater control over identities and user access, and fast and efficient compliance processes in place, Huf can now look to phase two of the project. The plan is to integrate Omada Identity with the company’s Microsoft Active Directory system to manage thousands of additional identities automatically.

Omada Identity 

Omada Identity is a Microsoft based solution for identity and access management and identity governance and administration. The solution integrates seamlessly with various systems including Windows Server IIS, Active Directory (AD), Azure IaaS, Forefront Identity Manager, and SAP to deliver a complete solution for identity and access management:

  1. Advanced role based access control
  2. Compliance reporting and attestation
  3. Workflows with approval
  4. Self-service
  5. Segregation of duties
  6. Delegated administration

These features provide immediate and significant business benefits including:

  1. Fulfilled regulatory compliance requirements
  2. Increased enterprise productivity
  3. Reduced user management cost
  4. Heightened data security

Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst Case Study

Omada Provides Huf with the Key to Role-Based Access Management


HUF | Germany

Industry: Electronics manufacturer

Profile: Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst develops and produces mechanical and electronic key systems, lock sets, door handles, control unit, steering column locks, remote control systems, telematic and tire pressure monitoring systems for the automotive industry. Founded in 1908, the company first supplied lock sets to Mercedes Benz in 1920. Today, Huf has approx. 7,000 employees located in 14 countries worldwide. Huf was the first company to develop components for the new car access and immobilization systems “Passive Entry” and “Keyless Go”, as well as developing the “Kick Sensor”.

Solution: Omada Identity for governance and compliance control

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