Legacy to Modern IGA

Transform your legacy or home-grown Identity Governance
by migrating to Omada

Why migrate from legacy to modern Identity Governance

With the average organization adding 65 new SaaS applications in the past 24 months, there are endless amounts of entitlements and permissions to provision and deprovision. Legacy and in-house developed Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) systems often fail to keep up with the evolving business needs, posing challenges and limitations to growing businesses. Move from legacy to modern IGA with Omada’s enterprise-grade IGA solution, deployed as a Service. Get all the critical functionalities that modern enterprises need to stay ahead of developments.

Stronger security and compliance posture

Move from a complex and costly upgrade process to regular updates that help you stay protected against new security threats. Easily enforce security controls and access restrictions to stay compliant with regulations.

Seamless integration with any type of environment

No scalability restrictions, overly complex customizations, or coding. Move to flexible and efficient connectivity that allows you to stay on top of your organization’s ever-changing IT environment.

Improved experience and operational efficiency

Replace manual provisioning, risk assessment, and access certification with automated control and governance. Get full visibility and control on who has access to what systems throughout the entire identity lifecycle.

Webinar feat. Forrester

Modernizing Identity Governance

Together with Forrester Principal Analyst Geoff Cairns, we explore the latest trends in identity governance and discuss best practices and steps that organizations can take to successfully migrate from legacy systems to modern identity solutions.


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Modernizing identity governance

Legacy IGA modernization with Omada Identity Cloud

Many legacy identity governance systems reach end-of-life, are decommissioned, or are deprioritized. Organizations need to make a decision about their future IGA strategy and how an IGA modernization campaign fits into it.

An alternative to legacy systems is to invest in a reliable and scalable IGA platform that can be adapted to a dynamic IT environment. Omada provides a next-generation SaaS solution that delivers all IGA features with no need for additional staff or outside management.

With Omada Identity Cloud you get:

  1. Strong IGA foundation. Omada Identity Cloud comes with built-in best practice processes and methodology based on over 20 years of IGA deployment and migration experience. We help you smoothly move from a home-grown or legacy IGA to a modern cloud-based IGA.
  1. Quick time-to-value. With our 12-week deployment package, you are off to a successful start. Clearly defined steps and success criteria will help you get value from your IGA investment quicker. The package also includes a customer-specific roadmap for further scale and growth.
  1. Enhanced security. The comprehensive product features provide you with a full overview of who has access to your data, when and why. You can easily enforce least privilege, automatically identify orphaned accounts, and deprovision access when it’s no longer needed.

  1. Simplified compliance. You can automatically run certification campaigns and evaluate SoD policies. With 360-degree visibility of user access across systems, a comprehensive audit log, and 50+ audit report templates, it is easy to document and demonstrate compliance.
  1. Workflow automation. With Omada’s modern IGA solution, you can automate the on- and offboarding of identities as well as role and policy management. Omada Identity Cloud integrates with ITSM products for seamless access request and approval process.
  1. Seamless integration. Applications can be integrated into a configurable connectivity framework with no custom coding required. You can onboard new services fast thanks to the built-in data mapping configuration and support for industry-standard protocols.

A modernized IGA program

With Omada, you get built-in best practice IGA processes and a jump start on deployment. You can quickly connect all your applications and cloud services without customization and hardcoding. You will be able to easily manage complex business scenarios like matrix organizations and multiple job functions. Want to learn more and see how Omada can help you move to a modern IGA – book a demo today

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