Governance for Identity Fabric

Omada Identity Cloud

Omada provides Governance for Identity Fabric ensuring compliance regulations are met, security around identity is maintained and efficiency of joiner-mover-leaver identity workflows are maximized.

An identity fabric — the organization’s IAM infrastructure —includes a blend of modular IAM tools for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, supports any human or machine identity, provides advanced analytics, and supports standards-based identity integrations.

Omada Identity Cloud supports Identity Fabric infrastructure

  1. Identity Everywhere. Extend identity governance to any application including third-party applications and mobile devices for a frictionless experience.
  2. Out-Of-The-Box Connectivity. Connect and configure to more applications with minimal effort and no coding requirements with our Connectivity Framework.
  3. Identity-first Security. Improve the visibility of risk and compliance by unifying information from the security landscape through bi-directional context exchange.
  4. Decision automation. Leverage automation and intelligence to support human decision-making and automate wherever possible.


Governance for Identity Fabric

Benefits to Enterprises Adopting Governance for Identity Fabric With Omada Identity Cloud

  1. Eliminate compliance, audit, and assessment failure. You cannot control what you cannot see. Effective identity governance and compliance management require a 360-degree view of all identity-related activities as well as effective audit processes to log what happened when and why.
  2. Improve costs around managing identity. Automate where applicable to free up resources to enable teams to focus on critical business processes and entitlements and improve security posture. Moving beyond traditional IGA to offer automatic closed-loop compliance to “self-heal” gaps in identity entitlements and access.
  3. Make informed decisions to mitigate identity risk. Building intelligence into identity governance at every turn empowers smarter decisions and management of the identity lifecycle. With standard integrations across tools and services, enterprises can enforce identity policies and share data across other security solutions such as SIEM, PAM, DAG, CIEM, and many others.

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