Cybersecurity Strategy

Omada meets your security, compliance, and efficiency needs, removing cost and uncertainty from managing identities and access. 

Identity governance – the key to your Cybersecurity strategy 

Effective security ensures that only the right people have access to your data and only when they need it. This is the reason why identity governance is an essential part of any cybersecurity effort.  

Identity – the best perimeter 

Modern identity governance allows you to tighten security against internal and external threats at the identity level.  

  • Achieve a 360-degree overview of all identities and access rights across hybrid systems and applications, ensuring that users have the correct access in compliance with policies and regulations.
  • Minimize risk by automatically identifying orphan or inactive accounts that could be misused for an attack.

Protect your data and IP 

When your system has experienced a security breach, you need to act quickly and effectively to limit its impact and damage. But to do this, your administrators must have the ability to suspend all accounts associated with the affected identity to minimize its spread, with an easy reactivation process once the situation is under control. Your network also needs to have automated emergency lockout features that can disable a user’s access to both cloud-based and on-premises systems, with a robust policy to guide its use and implementation.

Control, Monitor and React 

Control who has access to what based on their identity, role, and other relevant contextual information, such as geographic location or department.  

  • Control Access Based on Policies
    Access control policies can be flexibly configured to support business policies and needs, while access control is based on least-privileged Zero Trust principles.
  • Actively Monitor Access Rights
    Get an overview of privileged access rights across the entire organization with information on who has access to what, why they have access, for how long, and who approved that access. This includes the ability to set validity periods, automatically revoking access rights when they are no longer needed. Workflows and policies are provided out-of-the-box including Segregation of Duty (SoD) and other constraint policies
  • Automatically Detect and Act
    Use audit trails and reconciliation capabilities to continuously check if there are any differences between the access rights configured in the identity governance solution and the access rights configured in each system. This enables any irregularities to be detected and mitigated immediately. If a security breach is detected, identity security breach processes provide an emergency lock-out option that disables an identity’s access rights.

Stronger security
and access control  

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