Identity Lifecycle Management

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Identity and Role Lifecycle Management 

Automated processes ensure that user identities are properly created, changed, and terminated when employees join the company, move departments, get promoted, or leave the company. 

 Core processes: 

  • Identity lifecycle management 
  • Role lifecycle management 
  • Flexible policy-based access control 

 Identity lifecycle management encompasses all the processes of an identity lifecycle from starting as an employee or contractor all the way through to termination of employment. This includes all the steps throughout the employee life including name changes, temporary maternity leaves, leaving and rejoining the organization, and more. 

Role lifecycle management supports the creation, adaptation and termination of role definitions that provide additional access rights within specific policy-driven contexts. This could be when employees are part of a cross-functional project, are delegated responsibility for a short time period or are given additional responsibilities.  

Automated processes ensure that access rights are assigned on a least-privilege basis according to business policies including control and constraint policies to avoid toxic combinations or rights, such as Segregation of Duties (SoD) policies. 



Built-in Identity and Lifecycle Management Processes 

Onboard Identity 

The onboard identity process generates a new identity automatically when a new employee record is created in the master HR system. The identity will be assigned pre-defined access rights according to their position in the organization as well as their pre-defined roles.   

Change Role 

Employees often change roles, get promoted or move departments. This will typically require additional access rights and needs to be carefully managed so that existing rights are not lost and new rights terminate when the context of the role is no longer valid. Otherwise, employees can accumulate access rights that can become a security or compliance vulnerability.  

Off-Board Identity 

When an employee or contractor leaves the company, access to all business systems and applications needs to be terminated so they can no longer log into the company systems. The automation of the termination process ensures that access rights are revoked immediately ensuring security and compliance. 

Key Benefits 

  • Ensure employees always have the right access at the right time 
  • Enforce compliant access by ensuring employees do not have access to systems or data which they should not have 
  • Enforce the principle of ‘least-privilege’ at any point in time 

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