Identity Governance Use Cases

Omada meets your security, compliance, and efficiency needs, removing cost and
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Modern Identity Governance and Administration 

The move towards cloud applications, M&As, and remote working, in addition to continuous requirements from the business to onboard new applications are key challenges for many organizations – how to maintain control, manage risk, and ensure compliance without restraining business efficiency and collaboration. With the acceleration of digitalization, IT departments are facing an ever increasing workload, where it becomes harder to keep track of compliance and stay in control of security requirements.

Modern identity governance solutions are based on zero trust security principles, but also provide automated implementation of business workflows and processes that enable efficiency, such as automated provisioning, self-service access requests and approvals.

Three business value drivers have created the need for a full-featured identity governance solution: 

  • Compliance – the key driver for regulated industries who need to document compliance for authorities and auditors 
  • Efficiency – the key driver for non-regulated industries who need to onboard applications and ensure timely access to a large number of identities 
  • Security – a prerequisite for both to ensure transparency and control of exactly who’s allowed to access what and when 

Identity governance is the new perimeter 

Identity governance is becoming a strategic tool, providing companies with a secure foundation. An automated, integrated identity management and access governance solution provides essential functionality for managing identity lifecycle processes, improves security, reduces costs, and supports compliance efforts. 

Identity governance: 

  • Helps support enterprise IT security and regulatory compliance 
  • Enables and secures digital identities for all users, applications, and data  
  • Allows businesses to provide automated access to an ever-growing number of technology assets while managing potential security and compliance risks 

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