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Varde Chooses Omada for Process Optimization

Omada has been selected to implement an identity and access management solution for the Danish municipality of Varde

Following the merger of several municipalities into Varde municipality some years ago, it became clear that there was a need for better processes, which in turn would improve efficiency and security.

As easy as ordering a pizza

Varde chose the Omada identity and access management solution to solve precisely this issue and make processes such as employee and contractor onboarding and off-boarding more streamlined – and user-friendly.

With the Omada solution, the person who creates, or ‘orders’, an employee or contractor goes into a user-friendly portal, such as the ‘Just Eat’ food order portal. The person quickly and easily places the order, and just like ordering a pizza with the ingredients you want, clicks what this employee or contractor should have access to. Once the order is placed, everything you need to onboard an employee or contractor is done – and all from one, single system,” says Kaj Mortensen Stoltenberg, Team leader, Digitalization and IT at Varde.

Further, the solution gives added security for the municipality; “It is now easy to off-board employees and contractors, and should a person forget to offboard someone, the pay system automatically closes down the account. This means we always know who has access to what, when, and for how long, and avoid orphan accounts”.

Added benefits: cost savings and security checks

The process is efficient for both the person placing the order and for the leader, notes Kaj Mortensen Stoltenberg. “It provides added benefits, such as efficient license control handling. I can see precisely how many people use the various licenses, providing a potential cost saving.

The Omada solution lives up to Varde municipality’s wish list – and then some. “I thought I knew precisely what I wanted. But it turned out that I could get that plus even more,” says Kaj Mortensen Stoltenberg. “An example is license sharing, whereby we can see who uses the cheaper and who uses the more expensive versions of the same licenses. This level of detail has created another cost saving for us and means I do not have to make an estimate, but now have a precise number.

A network of opportunities

Aside from the implementation of the solution, Varde also joins our municipality user group. The user group provides a network of fellow municipalities, often with similar issues, but also allows the municipalities to exchange thoughts on how they are using the solution, to get the optimal results for them.

With over 250 highly complex IT systems, Kaj Mortensen Stoltenberg believes municipalities should be seen as companies. IT systems in the municipality need to run 24/7, there are over 3,500 active and complex users, and overall both municipalities and companies need to deliver IT systems, securely, to users. These users will likely have the same level of expectation in terms of security, efficiency, and compliance. This in turn means municipalities have an obligation to provide the best level of service, both internally and externally.

Varde Municipality Case Study

The Danish Municipality of Varde selects Omada to implement an identity and access management solution


Municipality of Varde | Denmark

Industry: Local Government

Profile: The municipality of Varde in southern Denmark has a population of 50,452. Area-wise, the municipality is the fifth largest in Denmark.

Solution: Omada Identity and Access Governance solution

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