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The latest information on what we do to keep ourselves secure and reliable

The Trusted Partner for Modern IGA

At Omada we are laser-focused on providing our customers with secure, reliable,
and trustworthy solutions to help them do more with identity. 

We take security very seriously and have a number of policies and principles in
place to 
help ensure that we are keeping our organization safe and secure from
attackers and our
practice is built on the following principles:

Corporate Security

We secure our business and people with
continuously monitored processes and programs

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Data Privacy

We go to great lengths to protect
the data of our customers

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Infrastructure Security

We work hard to ensure that our back-end
is secure, reliable, and trusted

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We ensure that we meet various compliance
and audit mandates

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UN Global Compact

Omada supports the UN Global Compact initiative which outlines 10 principles of corporate sustainability in the areas of human rights, labor rights, the environment and anti-corruption.

Whistleblower instructions: do you have a concern you wish to report?


At Omada, we believe in creating an inclusive workplace where people feel able to be themselves in a safe environment that helps foster an open culture where everyone feels comfortable bringing their ideas – and their challenges – to the table. Our values are Teamwork, Constant Care, Ambition and Create Value. These values are central to who we are and how we operate and this helps us deliver high quality solutions to our clients. This is why speaking up and raising concerns is an important part of who we are as a business.

Our confidential whistle-blowing can be done directly to us using the email below and is available to any partner or member of staff who observes inappropriate business conduct or unethical behaviour that cannot be resolved locally, or where the normal consultation processes are not appropriate. In addition, third parties who have a concern about the conduct or behaviour of Omada partners or staff may also use the email.

The email below can also be used if you just have questions or want advice about speaking up and reporting concerns including illegal financial activities such as bribery and corruption.

The Omada Code of Conduct encourages partners and staff to speak up when dealing with behavior or facing a situation that doesn’t seem right. Partners, staff and third parties have a responsibility to report and express concerns in good faith, fairly, honestly and respectfully. We’re committed to dealing responsibly, openly and professionally with any genuine concerns raised about possible malpractice. We also protect against any form of retaliation.

Please use this email address: [email protected]

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