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Time to Plan for the New Normal of Remote Working

Now is the time to start planning for the long-term reality of remote working and what that means for your organization. It is time for a needs assessment and review of what has changed to determine if access levels are correct.

By Dan Joe Barry, Product Marketing Consultant

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The Business Risk of Changing to Remote Workspaces

The challenge for business leaders today is how to enable the business to achieve its goals and objectives when the business model has been totally disrupted overnight.

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Wanted Worldwide: 100 Million CISOs/IT-Administrators!

April 2020: Many enterprises provide employees the option to work from home. Yet the ‘new normal’ of the remote workspace introduces extra responsibilities.

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How to Prevent the ‘New Normal’ Remote Workspace from Exposing Your Organization to New Security Threats

April 2020: Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 organizations are taking the necessary safety precautions sending employees home to work remotely to curb the virus from spreading. The massive shift organizations have rushed to put in place throughout the business, exposes a lot of organizations to security threats.

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