Trust Center

Infrastructure Security

Managing the Omada Back-End

Omada works hard to ensure that our cloud architecture is secure, reliable, and can be trusted by customers.
We employ a Zero Trust framework for our infrastructure; both in the cloud and on-premises, and as such,
we have implemented the following controls: 

Identity Security Controls

  • Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On is enforced for all Omada Employees, Contractors, and Partners

Omada Device Management Program

  • All devices are enrolled in the Omada Device Management Program, ensuring that all devices connecting to the Omada network or services meet Omada’s minimum-security requirements

Network Zones

  1. Omada cloud environment runs in Microsoft Azure for the utmost reliability, security, and uptime
  2. All services are in different network zones
  3. All traffic between network zones is firewalled

Securing Our Infrastructure

  1. We leverage Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On for all Omada employees, contractors and partners
  2. Security Operations Monitoring to maintain audit and track all activities
  3. Conditional access policies for access to our business resources based on:
    • Tier of application
    • IP address range
    • Trusted device
    • VPN connection
  4. Continuous vulnerability scans


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