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Identity Governance Framework

Best Practice Process Framework for Identity Governance

The framework aims to inform CISOs, Security Managers and IT Directors how to successfully deploy and maintain an identity governance solution and realize the security, compliance, and efficiency benefits needed to run their business.

Over the past 20+ years, Omada has built up a body of knowledge from a significant number of IGA deployments in some of the world’s largest enterprises as well as in many medium-sized businesses. Omada’s expertise has been formalized into the IdentityPROCESS+ best practice framework.

IdentityPROCESS+ describes the most important processes needed to ensure a successful IGA deployment. The identity governance framework has been developed with the goal of supporting IGA projects and to help organizations implement well-proven best practice processes, reducing the need to ‘re-invent the wheel’.


The IGA framework covers:

  • Introduction to the different aspects of IGA
  • Overview of the potential challenges in implementing IGA projects
  • Overall highlight of the process areas
  • In-depth insights into each process area in the framework

The first chapter explains how implementing best practice processes helps organizations manage identities and access rights throughout an employee’s career, ensuring good governance, managing user access in hybrid IT environments, aligning identity management with the business, and protecting critical digital assets before and after a potential breach has been identified.

The second chapter examines the process areas in more detail to provide a greater technical-level understanding. The operation of each process is explained in detail along with implementation best practices, key stakeholder involvement, pre-analysis questions and key recommendations.


The process areas that are described in the IGA framework include:

The 96-page guide also includes an IGA Glossary.

After reading this guide, IT security professionals and business leaders with an interest in security and compliance will have a good understanding of how adopting the best practice framework will help to secure a successful IGA project.

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