Automated Provisioning and Governance

Automated governance and provisioning removes cost and uncertainty from managing identities and access. 

Move from Legacy to Modern IGA 

 As organizations become more digitalized, many realize that their existing IGA solution no longer fulfills all new requirements.  A modern identity governance solution offers identity lifecycle management, automatic provisioning, seamless workflows, and optimized helpdesk capacity. 

The key to efficiency is automation and empowerment. Omada’s solution provides automated identity governance best practice processes out-of-the-box. Each process and workflow – as well as governing policies – can be easily configured to meet specific business needs without the need for code development.   

Automated Identity, Role, and Access Management 

On- and offboard identities
Ensure that new employees are productive from day 1, by giving them the necessary access to do their job, and revoking that access when the employee leaves the organization. Manage identities over their full lifecycle to accommodate changes in employment status and responsibilities.

Role and Policy Management
Access rights can be based on roles, while flexible policy-based access controls can assign a set of access rights quickly and easily to users with the same job role. Roles are defined to match organizational structure, locations, context, or control procedures. 

Self-Service Access Request 

Automated policies and workflows enable users to request access when needed, with approval by their manager or the relevant system owner with automatic Segregation of Duty (SoD) checks. Managers can also request access on behalf of their employees.  

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