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The Omada Academy is established to ensure that our customers and partners become self-sufficient in implementation, configuration and daily operations

200 hours of identity governance training  

  • You can choose either a single course to dive into a specific topic or area or follow a learning path that will package together several courses to give you everything you need to learn for your specific job role.  
  • Our courses are organized into three different focus areas with specific learning paths that combine the various courses. 
  • Role based learning paths are tailored to suit the needs of the roles in an IGA team. Omada Academy’s training is delivered as classroom training, instructor-led online class or self-paced digital training. 
  • Omada Academy offers advanced courses for all levels of competences allowing participants to further extend their identity governance skills.  

Build Your Case – Understand the IGA Business Advantages 

It is critical to understand the challenges of controlling access across complex platforms and having knowledge of the possibilities a modern IAM solution provides. With our courses our customers and partners will get a full understanding of the business value of identity governance and how to build a compelling business case.  

Knowledge Sharing Community 

Omada Academy training resources are provided through the Omada HUB – a knowledge sharing portal for customers and partners. The portal is also a community where customers, partners and Omada experts can share knowledge, tips, and insights.   

Omada Global Course Catalog

This catalog contains Omada Academy training offerings, available to customers, partners and Omada employees globally. In the course catalog, click on each course for details and registration.

 Training Courses 

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