IAM Implementation

A 360-degree configurable connectivity approach for the hybrid platform

Configurable connectivity for modern identity governance

Modern IGA connectivity needs to be fast, reliable and continuously adaptable to take full advantage of the new opportunities that the thousands of new SaaS solutions introduced annually provide. 

By migrating the repeated development effort in the creation of static connectors into a Configurable Connectivity Framework, the capabilities that are used again and again are now available in a more agile, flexible manner. This enables dynamic establishment of connectivity to both existing and new IT systems and applications.





Omada Configurable Connectivity offers:

  • Template-driven Configurable Connectivity Framework for ease of implementation
  • Flexible data model
  • Adaptable and extensible data fields and attributes
  • Choice of multiple authentication methods

A configurable connectivity approach provides an efficient, reliable and fast alternative that is better suited to the dynamic, hybrid IT environment where connectivity is a continuous activity. Leading IT systems and applications will increasingly be cloud-based and will be accompanied by a growing number of additional SaaS applications, all of which need to be integrated into the IGA solution. 

With organizations churning through more than 30% of SaaS applications each year, integration also becomes a continuous effort.  

This requires a modern IGA connectivity approach designed to support fast and reliable integrations. Configurable connectivity provides a dynamic and flexible alternative to traditional IGA connectivity approaches that rely heavily on code development. 

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