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Omada to Streamline and Optimize Processes at Liebherr

Get in Control, Stay in Control

When Swiss-based machinery manufacturer Liebherr sought to get in control of its internal and external identity and access management and digitalize and streamline the company’s paper processes, it turned to Omada.

The Liebherr factories in Rostock, Germany and Nenzing, Austria, which focus on maritime cranes, crawler cranes and foundation equipment, earlier this year began a process to streamline efficient, transparent processes with standard procedures and workflows to boost its employee and role management.

The organization sought an identity and access management solution to automate role management for approximately 4,000 employees, and in the process reduce extra work of additional service requests, meet compliance regulations, and secure documentation needs, gain standard processes and reduce administrative costs.

Ulrike Schlutt, Project Manager, Customer Service Construction Machinery, Liebherr Nenzing says, “Omada gives us the opportunity to automate our user and authorization management in the long run and to realize efficient, transparent processes for our employee administration. All our staff will benefit from the implementation of standard processes and an increased IT security.

Increase efficiency and benefit from cost savings

Liebherr’s aim is to use an identity management and access governance solution to fully map standard processes and workflows of its employee management to achieve a paperless environment, as well as to benefit from cost savings and auditing through improved governance. Liebherr seeks a fast and flexible solution to deploy a transparent application of IT resources to handle the large amounts of request forms and to create an IT role concept connecting to business roles.

Control and secure partners and contractors

Part of the reason Omada was selected, is our regional, close proximity to Liebherr and our ability to commence project kick-off almost immediately.

Another key ability Omada is able to offer, is to protect Liebherr’s many external identities. For Liebherr, it is critical to not just have control of the internal identities, but also be in control of the company’s partners, external employees and contractors, and be able to prove that also these identities are in compliance.

Omada has significant experience within the manufacturing sector, advising the likes of BMW, AMAG, and Carlsberg – and now also Liebherr.

Liebherr Case Study

Get in Control, Stay in Control: Omada to Streamline and Optimize Processes at Liebherr


Liebherr | Switzerland

Industry: Manufacturing

Profile: The Liebherr group, founded in 1949, is one the largest manufacturing firms in the world, with activities beyond the construction machinery, reaching into aerospace, mining and even hotels, to name a few. The group employs approximately 42,000 people worldwide and the solution with Omada includes the possibility of expanding to other parts of the group.

Solution: Omada Identity and Access Governance solution

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