How IGA improves Compliance

Meet every audit with confidence, without a huge manual effort

Full compliance overview and audit trail 

You cannot control what you cannot see. Effective governance and compliance management requires a full overview of all identity-related activities as well as effective audit processes to trail and log what happened when and why.  


Compliance and the process of governing access

Governing identities and access is of paramount importance in terms of being compliant with legislative and regulatory requirements. The ability to document that best practice processes are followed is vital in audit scenarios, as auditors needs to be assured that an organization has control over who has access to what. 


Comply with Regulations 

Omada provides a comprehensive overview of the access compliance status across all systems and applications with interactive, user-friendly dashboards for efficient monitoring and reporting. 

 An audit trail of all activities is continuously logged and users are automatically prompted to add additional information and explanations, such as the reason for managers granting access rights to an identity. This enables both current state and historic audit reports to be generated on demand.


Certification, Risk, and Audit Reporting 

  • Cross-system certification
    Maintain an overview of potential issues, policy violations, and irregularities. Automatically detect non-compliance and launch audit case workflows including re-certification surveys. 
  • Manage risk and compliance
    You will have access to a powerful risk management concept that can be used to determine the severity of audit events. Risk scores are calculated based on data classification tags applied to data, with associated risk factor and risk weight. 
  • Prepare for audits 
    Over 50 standard auditing report templates are provided out-of-the-box with the ability to modify and define new report types. Reports are also generated for activities, such as attestation, as well as any violations of control or constraint policies. Comprehensive risk check reports based on risk scores are also available.
  • Enforce Segregation of duties policies
    Automatic evaluation of segregation of duty policies ensures that individuals are not granted toxic combinations of access rights. Automated processes detect violations and allow managers to determine whether the access should be allowed or removed. 


4 Ways Identity Governance Helps Meet Compliance Measures

In this IGA compliance guide, you’ll learn about four key IGA processes that can help your organization meet compliance, avoid fines, and stay out of the headlines.

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