Access Management

Accelerate your IAM projects with a proven process framework

Automated Access Management 

Improve the efficiency of your user administration by automating access management processes. 

Key functionality 

  • Access process automation
  • Self-service access request
  • Security event management

Managing access rights for a large number of employees across a vast range of hybrid systems and applications requires policy-driven automation to ensure that employees and contractors can get access to systems when their job roles require that access or when new systems become available.  

Access approval workflows 

Automated access management improves the efficiency of user administration by automating the processes for provisioning and governing access. This includes automation of business processes driven by changes to HR data, such as onboarding new employees where managers must ensure that they have access to the systems they need on their first day.  

Having automated approval processes in place lowers administrative efforts while maintaining a high security level. Role-based access based on business policies ensures that explicit access requests do not need to be made and validated for every system as they are automatically generated based on business rules. It also provides a reliable audit trail of who was granted access when, by whom and for what reason. 

For access that is not covered in the role model, a centralized access request process allows end users to request access in a single portal that also triggers workflows for approval and provisioning. 



Core Automated Access Management Processes 

 Request Access 

For new employees and contractors or for assignment of new roles, access rights are pre-defined and approved allowing immediate implementation. For additional access, users can request access and managers can request access on behalf of employees.   

Approve Access  

Changes in access rights automatically trigger an approval process where managers and system owners need to evaluate and approve the request. This can include employee requests for additional access rights, but also delegation of access rights to other employees as well as removal of access rights.   

Security Event Management 

When a security incident is detected, it is important to contain the incident and limit the lateral movement from one system to the next. If an account associated with an identity is compromised, access rights can be revoked by the system administrator while the incident is investigated, limiting the spread of the breach.  

Key Benefits 

  • Reduced workload and IT costs by implementing business processes and self-service access requests 
  • Automated and secure granting of birth rights with role lifecycle management 
  • On-demand audit trail of all access requests, facilitating process analysis and optimization 

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