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SINC Accelerates Efficiency and Optimizes Processes with Omada

SINC, the German system integration specialist, has chosen the Omada identity and access governance solution to drive internal processes.

With the Omada solution, SINC has optimized internal administration processes, among others accelerating the onboarding of new employees and optimizing internal HR related processes.

Automation of manual processes

The solution allows SINC to easily grant basic rights for the organization’s identities, providing a significant time saving in terms of identity creation.

An increasing amount of employees in various locations across Germany means SINC needed to automate processes in order to ramp up efficiency. With the solution, many processes which were previously manually handled, are now automated.

Strict compliance

SINC has been an Omada partner since 2010 and we have a close and very trustful cooperation, one we can now also rely on internally,“ says Jan Dierich, Member of the Executive Board at SINC and responsible for Finance and Controlling. “With the Omada Identity Solution in place, we now have a powerful and modern tool in driving our internal processes more efficiently. Merging our HR processes, in the best possible way, plays a vital part this and gives us a consistently uncomplicated administration flow.”

SINC Case Study

SINC Accelerates Efficiency and Optimizes Processes with Omada


SINC | Germany

Industry: IT Services and Operations

Profile: SINC supports customers working in public administration and law in utilizing cloud computing, mobile computing, and Big Data. Founded in 1999, the company paves the way for new technologies and features by reasonably integrating them in the overall IT infrastructure. SINC is one of the leading implementation partners to Omada and has successfully conducted BaFin-compliant, user friendly integrations with the Omada Identity in many large German corporations.

Solution: Omada Identity and Access Governance solution to drive internal processes

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