Case Study

Salling Group Attains Compliancy and Savings with Omada Identity Manager

Business objectives

In the light of expanding rapidly into larger markets in a highly competitive retail industry, Salling Group has decided to implement SAP FI/CO in their business processes. As part of the SAP implementation project, the company has to map out their enterprise role accesses across various systems while keeping a highly secured role concept to keep with compliance and prevent security risks. This poses as a great challenge to the company since mapping out a Role Based Access Control solution is too time consuming especially for large enterprises such as Salling Group; it is simply too complicated to create a role concept that would ensure consistent accesses to legitimate owners.

The proposal

Salling Group brought onboard the Omada Identity Manager – a Microsoft based solution for Role Based Access Control and Workflows that empowers MIIS and AD – to map out a role concept that would ensure the company is constantly complying with escalating business policies as well as the company’s business model. Omada Identity Manager would be an easy choice as the solution is easy to implement, allowing the company to save significantly in both admin costs and time.

The web based solution will later be integrated with their Active Directory (AD) and configured to map out a role concept that would control access authorizations for SAP roles in the company. This will be achieved by incorporating Role Based Access Control in their Joiners, Movers, and Leavers processes. Workflows will be automated within these processes, delegating the administrative tasks of provisioning accurate accesses for various enterprise roles. This will drastically reduce the time taken to provision accurate accesses while preventing costly compliance breakdown and security exposure via Separation of Duties.

While Omada Identity Manager is a comprehensive Identity Lifecycle Management solution complete with graphical Workflows, User Management, Reporting & Auditing, Role Based Access Control, and Self-Service; it also requires minimal maintenance, which further reduces the company’s IT costs. Plus it is fully flexible and can continuously be expanded to adhere with the developments of the company as well as increasing regulations.

Meanwhile, confident of Omada Identity Manager’s deliverance and integration with the Microsoft stack, the Company is already planning to implement MIIS to further enhance the capacity of the Microsoft based solution to support their Identity Lifecycle Management.

About Omada Identity Manager

The Omada Identity Manager is the solution for Role Based Access Control that is built entirely on Microsoft technology. The web based solution integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS) providing the integrated solution for Identity Management that provides the following features:

  • Role Based Access Control
  • Self Service
  • Separation of Duties
  • Delegated Admin
  • Workflows with Approvals
  • Compliance Reporting & Audit Trail

These features provide instant and significant results to common business challenges such as:

  • Security Exposure
  • Compliance Breakdown
  • Reduced Enterprise Effectiveness
  • High Maintenance Cost

Salling Group | Denmark

Industry: Retail

Profile: Since its establishment in 1906, Salling Group has developed into one of the most solid players in the retail industry with chain stores such as Netto, Bilka, Føtex, Tøj og Sko, A-Z, and the Salling department stores as explicit evidence of their success. Today, Salling Group has stores in Denmark, Germany, England, Sweden, and Poland.

Solution: Omada Identity Manager to map out a role concept that complies with business policies as well as their business model

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