How IGA Helps You Walk the Tightrope of Efficiency and Security

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Compliance with information security policies and standards should not come at the expense of productivity. Equally, business operations should not be a free-for-all in the name of efficiency, endangering the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your critical business assets.

Bringing equilibrium to these often-counteracting priorities is complex and challenging, but a strong identity-centric security strategy with Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) at its core can do just that.

Craig Ramsay, Senior Solution Architect, and Andrew Silberman, Product Marketing Director at Omada, share:

  • Real examples of organizations leveraging IGA to improve efficiency and increase security
  • How to leverage identity analytics to take preventative measures to reduce risk and free up administrator bandwidth
  • A live demonstration of how Omada automates lifecycle management and access request workflows to help balance security and efficiency requirements

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