Certify Access with Regularity (and Confidence!)

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A most basic and pressing need of organizations seeking to meet audit and compliance requirements and/or improve security is providing users with only the minimum level of access needed to perform their jobs. However, implementing least privilege can be a fine line to walk, because if security is too tight, productivity is lost. As audit requirements become more granular, you need to be able to prove least privilege to auditors.

Certification campaigns are ideally designed to help certify who needs access to what through a series of basic questions. But IAM leaders and users are suffering from ‘survey fatigue’. Lengthy and frequent access surveys often only provide security and risk management leaders with incomplete or inconsistent data.

Omada Senior Solution Architect, Craig Ramsay, and Product Marketing Director, Andrew Silberman, discuss:

  • How you can effectively run access certification campaigns to implement least privilege across multi-cloud environments
  • How access certification campaigns will help you meet compliance and audit requirements
  • Omada’s unique approach to limiting survey questions to only ones that are necessary and automating them
  • Best practices for creating easy to answer and interpret certification campaigns
  • And more!

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