The Strategic Importance of Integrating Identity Governance with IT Service Management

Live webinar

Wednesday, December 7th, 9am EST / 2pm GMT / 3pm CET

Why is it important to integrate Identity Governance with IT Service Management? With the average company now deploying over 180 applications, it can be a sprawling mess for Information Security leaders to ensure the right people have the right access to a wide variety of business resources. It can be a huge (and expensive) headache for the help desk, system administrators, and application owners to deal with.

This only gets more complicated because each app can have thousands of entitlements, and each granted entitlement can potentially conflict with other internal policies.

With the huge number of systems and entitlements, how do you ensure that end users have a consistent process to easily find what they need? How do you then ensure that policies are in place to ensure access adheres to the principle of least privilege?

Join Craig Ramsay, Senior Solution Architect, and Andrew Silberman, Product Marketing Director at Omada as they talk about the strategic importance of integrating ITSM tools, like ServiceNow, with IGA solutions. Some things they’ll cover:

  • Improving efficiency for end users, administrators, and the help desk by integrating ITSM and IGA processes
  • The importance of a single, unified end user experience where business users can go for all their access requests, with governance baked in
  • Live demo: Requesting access via a unified ITSM/IGA process where risk & policy checks and identity analytics support approval processes to ensure compliance
  • Live Q&A 

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