Destination Modern IGA: An Identity-First Maturity Model Unveiled

Speaker: Theis Nilsson, VP of Global Advisory Practice, Customer Success, Omada

On-demand webinar

It’s cliché to say but Identity is the new perimeter.  

It’s hard to deny given Identity is largely the most exploited element in security today. Let’s face it, most hackers are not breaking in, they are logging in using real credentials they stole, bought, phished, brut forced, etc., and then gain access to sensitive customer data.  

So, it’s easy to say Identity is a key element to have increased controls around. And often it’s a challenge to achieve a basic level of governance. 

This session introduces a maturity model and process that enables Identity Management and Governance that will enable organizations with a blueprint to: 

  • Rapidly deploy and achieve a base level of Identity Governance in 3 months 
  • Support the critical identity capability needs of every application as they evolve
  • Keep pace with changes in the identity lifecycle of your workforce

This new process and model form the backdrop for how you can rate and evolve the management and governance of your identity fabric and give you practical guidance on how to get started as well as what goals you should set for your IGA program to continuously reduce security risk around identity. 

Key takeaways from the webinar include: 

  1. A modern IGA maturity model that addresses requirements for compliance, security risk, and efficiency of Identity governance.
  2. How to painlessly introduce a growth model for assessing and maturing Identity that aligns with the success of your security program and helps you to reduce identity risk from your CISO risk register.
  3. How to take steps toward reducing/minimizing compliance headaches with managing Identity. 

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