From Hire to Retire: A Deep Dive on Identity Lifecycle Management

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A key part of any organization’s security posture is ensuring that the access of all members of the workforce is managed correctly throughout their tenure. This includes proper creation of their access upon joining, appropriate changes to their access as they move around the organization or change roles, and timely deletion or disablement of their access upon temporary or permanent leave.

Strong identity lifecycle management processes help keep people productive by granting them the required role-based access and enforce strong security by enacting rules and policies whilst removing inappropriate access as responsibilities change.

Craig Ramsay, Senior Solution Architect, and Andrew Silberman, Product Marketing Director, from Omada, do a deep dive on how to successfully implement strong identity lifecycle management, including:

  • Event driven onboarding for all identity types, including third parties
  • How a contextual data model helps with all types of transfer/mover scenarios
  • Flexible options for timely and automated provisioning and deprovisioning of access based on lifecycle events

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