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Move Forward with Modern Identity Governance

It is impossible to overstate the value of strong Identity Governance in today’s rapidly changing digital environment. Organizations face numerous obstacles that limit their ability to effectively manage identities and access as they struggle with the problems caused by legacy and in-house (home-grown) developed IGA systems. These challenges include scalability restrictions, overly complex customizations, knowing who has access to what, the need for custom code to integrate with SaaS applications, not ensuring right-size access throughout the identity lifecycle and security flaws. The upkeep of these solutions is time-consuming, expensive, and resource-intensive, often requiring multiple full-time resources to manage them.

As business requirements change, these solutions fail to keep up, hindering business agility. These solutions also offer little in the way of product innovation. Organizations need a cutting-edge, intelligent IGA solution that can easily integrate across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, provide comprehensive identity management, and satisfy an ever-changing set of compliance requirements.

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Omada Offers Modern Identity Governance

Omada provides a full-featured IGA-as-a-service solution – Omada Identity Cloud – that improves both security and operational efficiencies. Omada Identity Cloud provides customers with a complete IGA solution that includes built-in best practice processes for fundamental IGA functionality and out-of-the-box capabilities. This solution seamlessly integrates with any type of customer environment, including hybrid, cloud, and multi-cloud. Through our best practice framework and methodology, Omada ensures that our customers get the greatest return on their IGA program investments. Our best-in-class IGA solution can be implemented in 12 weeks, ensuring the fastest time-to-value.

Omada Identity Cloud product screenshot - HomepageFigure 1: The Omada Identity Cloud homepage has a modern, intuitive UI

Building a Strong Foundation

With the help of our IGA framework, Omada helps organizations build a solid foundation for their IGA program. We have developed Omada IdentityPROCESS+, a best practice framework, using our more than 20 years of experience. To accelerate deployment, our framework includes built-in standard processes, laying the groundwork for your entire IGA program.

Accelerate Time-to-Value

When migrating from a legacy or a homegrown IGA system, time-to-value is top of mind. Since these solutions often take so long to deploy, organizations are hesitant to move to a new IGA system that could cause similar delays. Focused on getting the most out of your IGA investment, Omada helps kickstart your IGA program with our Accelerator Package. With the Omada Accelerator Package, customers can deploy a full-featured IGA solution within 12 weeks. This package includes:

  1. Five contained value steps with defined success criteria
  2. Onboarding authoritative source to read identity data
  3. A full integration to your directory service (AD, Azure AD, LDAP, etc.), and two additional business systems
  4. Governance and self-service capabilities
  5. A role model with birthright
  6. Creation of assignment policies that are based on identity attributes
  7. An introduction to organizational roles
  8. Training for self-sufficiency
  9. A strategic customer-specific roadmap for further scale and growth

Enhance Security and Meet Compliance Regulations Without Compromising Efficiency

Legacy and homegrown systems are security risks for organizations. They have a broad attack surface, are not built with security as a priority, and are not updated on a regular cadence to protect against new security threats. These types of issues put organizations at risk of not being compliant. Migrating to Omada Identity Cloud increases security posture, improves operational efficiency, and helps keep companies compliant. We assist customers in enforcing security controls, protecting vital corporate and customer data, and adhering to compliance regulations. Our centralized access control automatically compares access rights and accounts in their current state to their desired state, ensuring that identities are correctly provisioned.

Outdated systems lack automation, requiring manual efforts when it comes to things like recertification and provisioning. Focused on operational efficiency, Omada helps customers automate the identity lifecycle, which drastically improves the provisioning process. Tasks like provisioning, risk assessment, and access certifications can all be automated by administrators. By automating these processes, resource-intensive manual processes that are prone to error are replaced. Additionally, this guarantees that employees have access to the resources they need to be productive from day 1.

By streamlining business procedures, Omada Identity Cloud further improves operational efficiency. By implementing automated workflows within our solution, customers can reduce calls to the help desk for routine tasks like password resets and access requests. Omada integrates with ITSM products such as ServiceNow to provide a single platform for all access requests and reviews. These integrations keep users in the familiar surroundings of their preferred tools.

Unlike in-house developed IGA and legacy systems, Omada makes it easy to enforce access restrictions. Customers can specify separation of duty (SoD) restrictions within Omada Identity Cloud at the resource, role, or business process level. When reviewing access requests, these restrictions are examined, enforcing the principle of least privilege. The SoD management process specifies rules for potentially toxic combinations of access rights, detects violations, and decides whether to grant or deny access. Administrators can view high-risk identities and automatically identify and resolve risky access combinations thanks to Omada Identity Cloud. We automatically revoke access to systems that a user no longer requires as they change roles and eventually leave the company, reducing the risk of having excessive access.

Visibility Into Your Environment

Both homegrown and legacy systems lack clear insights and visibility. Oftentimes, it is difficult to see who has access to what systems, who is requesting access, and which identities may be high-risk. The Omada Compliance Dashboard solves these issues by giving customers an easy-to-understand way to monitor access rights. With baked-in risk scoring, it is easy to see which users are high-risk. Each dashboard view can be drilled down into, simplifying the investigation process. Administrators can also define mitigation processes through the dashboard, such as sending out certification campaigns when violations are detected. Omada provides additional visibility through our comprehensive logging, which provides customers with a full audit trail of user access, including business justifications. Omada Identity Cloud also has trend reporting, which provides valuable information to executive teams when assessing the progress of an organization’s IGA program.

Omada Identity Cloud product screenshot - Compliance WorkbenchFigure 2: The Omada Compliance Workbench provides visibility into the compliance level of each onboarded application and system

Seamless SaaS Integrations

By migrating from a legacy or homegrown IGA system to Omada Identity Cloud, customers will discover that they can seamlessly integrate IGA processes across their entire organization. Customers can easily integrate applications into a configurable connectivity framework provided by Omada’s SaaS platform. There is no need for any custom development or code, which can be challenging to implement and keep up with. Customers can rapidly onboard their applications and cloud services thanks to the built-in data mapping configuration and support for industry-standard protocols like SOAP, SCIM, and REST.

Another advantage of Omada’s SaaS platform is ease-of-use for administrators. Upgrades for Omada Identity Cloud can be carried out instantly, unlike those for legacy and in-house developed IGA solutions, which are time-consuming, complex, and prone to errors. Additionally, it is easy for customers to manage environments, including setting up new ones, editing current ones, and deleting outdated ones. We offer customers a user-friendly SaaS platform that delivers all IGA features without the need for additional staff or outside management.

Get a Complete Solution

Omada Identity Cloud is a comprehensive, unified solution for identity governance and administration. Our IGA portal gives you instant access to all features including:

  1. Identity lifecycle management for all identity types
  2. Access management for systems, applications, and cloud resources
  3. Policy and role management: focused role modeling driven by analytics, workflows, and attestation
  4. Workflows: extensible, out-of-the-box best practice workflows for common functions
  5. Reporting and analytics: comprehensive reporting and audit trail with user-friendly dashboards
  6. Auditing: Closed-loop compliance processes assure unified governance and audibility across all systems

Learn more about Omada’s IGA best practice framework, IGA implementation approach, and IGA training courses.

Move Forward with Modern Identity Governance | Omada Solution Brief

Move Forward with Modern Identity Governance

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