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The Proven Methodology for Successful Implementation of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) Projects

A Complete Solution for Successful IGA Projects

IdentityPROJECT+ enables organizations to implement identity governance based on the IdentityPROCESS+ framework delivering measurable results and business value.

IdentityPROJECT+ enables organizations to:

  • Get measurable and valuable results faster through streamlined projects
  • Guide the implementation team through all project phases to be completed on time
  • Adopt standardized, well-documented, extensible best-practices that ensure delivery of future-proof IGA solutions
  • Exploit best-practices and offer automation options
  • Improve project progress monitoring and keep stakeholders informed
  • Reduce total cost and risk of implementation through an iterative implementation roadmap
  • Discover the power of unique features and tools built into Omada solutions
  • Incorporate organization and partner teams
  • Seamlessly integrate IGA in your existing environment in terms of adaptation of tools, reporting, technical platforms, and deployment requirements
  • Utilize Omada-certified project managers, architects, and consultants to design lean IGA solutions in the most optimal way


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