Join the Migration Train: Successfully Moving off Legacy and Homegrown IGA Systems

Speaker: Michael Malone, Senior Consultant, Omada

On-demand Webinar

It is impossible to overstate the value of strong Identity Governance in today’s rapidly changing digital environment. As business requirements change, these solutions are invaluable to enable enterprises to adapt. But if you are currently running a legacy IGA solution on-premises or a solution that is homegrown, these solutions over time fail to keep up with change and this can be a major drag on business agility. In this webinar, we look at moving off legacy IGA systems successfully.

Organizations today need a cutting-edge, modern IGA solution that can easily integrate across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, provide comprehensive identity management, and satisfy an ever-changing set of compliance requirements all while providing the automation and IT efficiency that users demand.

Knowing where you want to go is only half the battle. How you carry out your migration is the other half (and many times more than half). In truth, legacy and homegrown IGA migrations are more like a technology transition vs. true technology migration.

Watch the webinar, where Michael Malone, Senior Consultant at Omada, illuminates how to successfully navigate the non-standards within many legacy solutions and related challenges of migrating to a modern IGA solution.


Webinar Key Takeaways:

  1. How to plan for your migration with a transition mindset that aligns with IGA success vs. technology decommission of legacy software
  2. The value of fit gap analysis and a shared understanding of common definitions, specific success goals, and best practices
  3. Real-world examples of successful migration off legacy IGA and homegrown solutions

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