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Barmenia Versicherungen

Omada automates recertification of access rights with Barmenia

When looking for a strong identity governance solution, Barmenia, a German insurance provider, found Omada Identity to be the suitable solution.

To manage the access rights for this large number of identities and to automate processes for release and rights assignments, German insurance group Barmenia needed a central solution. In addition, they needed to comply with audit requests and to lower the risk of unauthorized access.

With a portfolio including health, life, accident, car, liability, and property insurance, the organization serves over two million customers and has over 2.2 million insurance contracts. Founded in 1904, the company headquartered in Wuppertal has over 3400 employees as well as a variety of insurance agents. The company ranks amongst the biggest independent insurance groups in Germany.

Full-featured recertification

When looking for a strong identity governance solution, Barmenia’s project managers found Omada Identity to be a suitable solution. “For various reasons Omada has been chosen as the solution to address our identity and access management needs. The main reasons for choosing Omada Identity include its intuitive user interface, direct connectivity to Active Directory as well as automation of lifecycle processes such as employees and contractors joining the company, leaving, or changing departments. The Omada Identity and its comprehensive recertification features allow us to map our demands at the very early stage of the product implementation. Omada offers the most suitable tools to align with our processes when it comes to implementing processes such as role modelling and role-based user rights management”, explains Lothar Klose, Head of Department, IT User Service.

The following processes will be implemented for Barmenia by the Omada project team:

  1.  Analysis and revision of all user rights
  2.  Recertification of all user rights, role assignments and role content
  3.  Securing compliance
  4.  Workflows and analysis tools for role management and role modelling

Less administrative burden, more transparency

Due to automated recertification processes, the workload for administrators is significantly reduced. The processes guarantee that every user only has the access rights needed to perform the relevant job tasks. Manual and time-consuming analyses of authorization rights are now a thing of the past. Rights and roles are automatically provisioned into connected systems such as Active Directory. Moreover, Barmenia benefits from a tamper-proof reporting and can supply auditors with dashboards to prove compliance across the entire enterprise.

Barmenia Versicherungen Case Study

Omada automates recertification of access rights with Barmenia


Barmenia Versicherungen | Germany

Industry: Insurance

Profile: Barmenia Allgemeine Versicherungs AG operates as an independent insurance provider in Germany. It offers health, life, pension and disability provision, accident, property, household, liability, legal protection, car, scooter, business, and homeowners insurance to private and corporate customers. The company has strategic business alliances with Barmenia Krankenversicherung a. G. and Barmenia Lebensversicherung a. G. Barmenia Allgemeine Versicherungs AG provides its products through a network of insurance brokers and branches. The company was founded in 1904 and is headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany.

Solution: Omada Identity

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