Onboarding for Business Value, Taking a Structured Approach

Speakers: Niels Fenger, Advisory Practice Director, and Harriet Wedel, Principal Advisor.

On-demand Webinar

How to Prioritize the Onboarding of Your Systems and Applications to Your IGA Solution 

It is all too common to see an enterprise have 300, 700 to well over a thousand applications that their employees leverage every day. Several of these applications likely have compliance and regulatory control requirements and some are mission-critical for other business reasons.  

The lead time from the first to number 1.000 can easily be 2-3 years and therefore the right onboarding sequence is of high importance from a business value point of view.  

Deciding which systems and applications to onboard first is not something to leave to chance.   

Instead, a structured, criteria-driven approach is required to ensure that the decision process is not only transparent but based on returning the highest value as part of the deployment process.   

In this session, our experts Niels Fenger and Harriet Wedel introduce Omada’s Landscape Prioritization Matrix which can be applied to IGA projects to help with how to prioritize where to start your onboarding of systems. 

Key takeaways from this webinar include: 

  1. How to avoid pitfalls in the decision process around prioritization 
  2. Implementing a prioritization approach to maximize business value and success  
  3. Establishing executive buy-in and accountability up front and throughout the onboarding process

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