Cracking the Code: AI’s Do’s and Don’ts for Identity Governance

Speaker: Anna Nordström, Senior Product Manager, Omada

On-demand Webinar

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, identity and access management have become critical components of cybersecurity. This transformation has been driven by the increasing complexity of our online interactions, with businesses, government agencies, and individuals relying on digital platforms for various aspects of their daily lives. The sheer volume of data and systems that require secure access has grown exponentially.  

Understanding and effectively managing identity and access are fundamental to the overall cybersecurity posture in our interconnected world. Doing this at scale requires AI and ML to help to streamline the process.  

Watch our exclusive webinar to explore the transformative power of AI-driven analytics in managing identity governance and access management.  

In this session, we crack the code on how to best leverage machine learning and AI models providing essential navigation of the Do’s and Don’ts of AI.  


Key Insights Covered: 

  1. Automated role mining and access rights for users
  2. Monitoring identity management blind spots and policy violations
  3. Achieving continuous certification compliance by leveraging analytics and risk scoring

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