Decoding the State of IGA 2024

Speakers: Rod Simmons, VP of Product Strategy, and Craig Ramsay, Senior Solution Architect, Omada

On-demand Webinar

In an era riddled with frequent cyber-attacks, the security of identities has become a paramount concern for businesses. With an ever-evolving landscape of technologies and compliance requirements, understanding Identity Governance is critical for organizational success. To shed light on the intricate world of Identity Governance, we conducted a comprehensive survey involving over 550 enterprises across the United States, encompassing the perspectives of both IT and business leaders. 

Watch our exclusive webinar where our experts delve into the insights unveiled by our research report on the ‘State of IGA 2024.’  

Webinar Key Takeaways: 

  • Get the latest findings regarding enterprise perceptions of Identity Governance.
  • Explore key takeaways of our research from different perspectives.
  • Get practical guidance on enhancing Identity Governance within your organization.


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