Analyst Report

Advancements and Trends in Modern Identity Governance and Administration

ESG Research Insights Report by Jack Poller and Michael Barry, March 2022

How Digital Transformation and Zero Trust are Affecting IGA Investment

A new hybrid workforce model featuring full- or part-time work from home, the continuing uptake in cloud-based applications, an evolving compliance landscape, and increased frequency of cyberattacks, including ransomware, have turned up the heat on identity governance and administration (IGA). This research report examines the impact these factors are having on businesses and explores how enterprise IGA programs are evolving to assure compliance, security, and business efficiency.

ESG surveyed cyber security and IT operations professionals who are directly involved in their organization’s IGA practices and technologies.

Read the full report to understand:

  • Why most organizations are reevaluating their IGA strategies
  • Why access provisioning is so difficult and still often manual
  • How IT budgets are shifting to address the new IGA needs
  • Why cloud-based IGA is now the preferred solution

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