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Omada Identity Cloud July Update

July 12, 2022

Omada, a global leader of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) software and cloud delivered IGA, today has introduced the latest updates to Omada Identity Cloud. The July updates build on Omada’s track record of innovation with further modernization to the user interface, and advanced support for Microsoft Exchange migrations. This release aims to help customers optimize business efficiency, improve security, and meet compliance mandates.

Further Modernization of the Omada Interface

Omada’s continued mission is to elevate Identity Governance everywhere, making it easier for people to use and get the most value out of their Omada deployments. As such, our goal is to consistently release new elements of our modern user interface that we started last year. In this update, there are a few notable enhancements.

First, on the Omada Home Page, the service icons will only reflect availability of processes for respective end users. If the end user does not have access to a certain process, then the icon is not shown, making it clear to end users what they have access to do within Omada.

Second, the number of results shown in the new list view, which was updated in June, now can configure the number of items shown on the page, enabling organizations to control the behavior of the new list views.
Omada Identity Cloud New Task List View

Third, the Data Object History page now has an “Expand All” option to show all changes to the data object throughout its history. With this, users can more easily gain an overview of the history of an object and find the information needed in order to make smarter identity governance decisions. This includes what actions were taken on a data object (i.e. if the object was created, modified, or deleted), who performed the action, whether the risk score or level was affected, and more.

Omada Identity Cloud New Task List View


Additional Support for Microsoft Exchange

The July update also helps Omada Identity Cloud customers who are using Microsoft Exchange for email and calendar applications. As customers migrate to the modern Exchange Collector, we are providing a wizard-driven migration tool that guides and automates the migration process for a seamless experience. There are also built-in safeguards to ensure that as data is migrated, it is done correctly. As a result, from this migration tool, customers will benefit from a more stable Exchange Collector, and gain access to new features that come out of Exchange without worries about data quality.

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