Identity Governance Product Briefs

Modern Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)

Take back control of your IT

You need an identity solution that will help your business prepare for the future, to scale and grow in line with organizational changes and technological requirements. That solution is Modern IGA, which allows you to take back control of IT with the use of a full-featured IGA solution, built on cloud-native architecture to ensure rapid time to value.

Typically, legacy IGA solutions are characterized by complex customization and high maintenance cost. Often these systems struggle to support automation of complex business processes. Some SaaS solutions also belong to this group as they are not cloud-native, have limited IGA capabilities and cannot scale.

A modern IGA solution is a cloud native, enterprise ready, full-featured IGA solution that can be deployed in a short timeframe. It gives you high governance and audit standards, modern access automation and intelligent decision support.

With Modern IGA you can: 

  • Quickly establish a full transparent overview on access risk and take timely action on potential irregularities
  • Meet every audit with confidence, without huge manual effort
  • Achieve full trust and compliance with comprehensive dashboards
  • Perform access reviews and establish expected state
  • Achieve compliance to corporate policies and regulations

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