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Omada Identity Cloud June Update

June 14, 2022

Omada, a global leader of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) software and cloud delivered IGA, recently introduced the latest update to Omada Identity Cloud. The June updates build on Omada’s track record of innovation with enhanced strategic technology partnerships and further modernization of the user interface. This release aims to help customers optimize business efficiency, improve security, and meet compliance mandates.

Key Vault Integrations

When Omada connects to various source and target systems, secrets are required to authenticate and authorize the connection to the system. Most organizations choose to store these secrets in an external key vault. With this update, Omada Identity Cloud customers can enable the service to retrieve secrets from a vault, safely encode them, and save them in the data connection object.

With this added functionality, customers can further their zero trust strategies, and avoid data breaches by layering on encryption services that are designed to protect these critical secrets. Administrators can configure the solution without ever being exposed to the credentials that would otherwise be stored in less secure places. As such, administrators only would need to know the details of the vault where the secrets are stored.

Further Modernization of the Omada Interface

As part of Omada’s mission to bring Identity Governance everywhere, and making it more accessible for everyone, we are continuing to release new elements of our modern user interface that we started last year. In this update, the list view has its moment in the sun. The Task List is now more dynamic and allows all users to select which columns are shown to make this view more efficient and effective for viewing. This provides easier navigation, better overview, and improved adaptability which helps customers spend less time searching and more time on governance.


Omada Identity Cloud New Task List View


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