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Omada Identity Cloud December Update

December 14, 2022

Omada, a global leader in intelligent identity governance and administration (IGA), today has introduced its latest and last update of Omada Identity Cloud for the year 2022. This December update introduces a variety of new capabilities to make access requests easier, including a new lists view, enabling text-based access requests, and adding functionality for native ServiceNow integrations. This release, as all Omada updates do, is built with the aim of helping customers optimize business efficiency and agility, improve security, and meet compliance mandates.

List of Access Requests. A consistent theme for us at Omada over the past year was weaving in ways to make it easier for end users to request access and become more productive as a result (with more on this soon). In September, we announced new out-of-the-box functionality with ServiceNow to create a unified platform where people could request access to all business resources, with governance wrapped in. In October, we updated the Omada UI to showcase a new Access Requests view to match the modernized look and feel we are striving for to make identity governance more accessible for everyone. In this latest update, we have enhanced the UI and API to list access requests more easily and comprehensively to business users to enable them to quickly see the status of all their requests without being overwhelming or time intensive.


Product Screenshot - Omada Identity Cloud December Update

Figure 1 List of access requests with ‘status’ marked on the right-most column


Text-based Access Requests. Business users will often need to request access to various business resources that are not automatically assigned from role- or attribute-based access policies. However, in doing so, people can get hung up on finding what it is they need access to. This could be where they may vaguely have an idea of the type of system they need but could be unaware of the specific application name. This happens to people all the time, when they know they need access to, say, a video editing application, but without knowing the exact name of the application. As another way of making it easier for people to request access to various business resources, with this latest release, within Omada Identity Cloud people can enter, in plain text, what it is they are looking for to send it off to be interpreted and sent along for review and approval.


Product Screenshot - Omada Identity Cloud December Update

Figure 2 Text box for requesting access


ServiceNow for Relayed Provisioning. Further building off the September ServiceNow announcement, for Omada relay provisioning into ServiceNow, we have now added support for the native ServiceNow Service Catalog API. This provides Omada with the ability to natively integrate with the ServiceNow API, which will help automate processes, such as automatically triggering workflow processes like requests, approvals, and provisioning access. The relay connector can either create one request per task in a provisioning job or group them into one request with multiple items. Customers using the Service Catalog module in ServiceNow can now integrate to this directly instead of using the Table API.

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