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Omada Identity Cloud October Update

October 14, 2022

Omada, a global leader of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) software and cloud delivered IGA, today has introduced the latest updates to Omada Identity Cloud. The Omada Identity Cloud October update helps customers by further modernizing the Omada user interface and making a couple of key improvements in out of the box connectivity. This release aims to help customers optimize business efficiency, improve security, and meet compliance mandates.

Further Modernization of the Omada Interface: Access Requests

In recent months, we have talked about how our goal is to enable all business users by bringing identity governance to them. This concept revolves around the philosophy that different people prefer different ways of working, be it preferences for applications, workplace locales, devices, and more. Within that, is understanding that people have deeply engrained workflows for using certain applications for certain things, but that innovation can help spur change if it provides enough of a spark.

With that as a backdrop, we are very excited to unveil a new appearance for access requests, which matches the new and modern feel of the Omada Identity Cloud interface. This comes on the heels of our additional support for this functionality with ServiceNow and adds yet another option for customers to unify access requests wherever they see fit. With this update, which follows the same general structure as the previous iteration, business users can select one or multiple identities as beneficiaries, select resources they need, specify the time they need access for, and review it in a basket before hitting submit. This update supports additional functions such as: requesting access for oneself or on behalf of others, requesting multiple resources at a time, filtering out resources already assigned, and sorting resources based on popularity and those used by peers. New in this release is also system icons that provide a visual aid in making it even easier for some users to find the resources they are looking to request access for.


Product Screenshot - Omada Identity Cloud October Update


This is all done as the user intuitively guides themselves through the process to ensure a simple, straightforward, and fast experience.

Connectivity Improvements

Another key pillar of the Omada product vision is providing universal connectivity for customers, so that they can seamlessly integrate new applications and fortify existing ones with strong identity governance, without custom code, or many of the headaches affiliated with legacy approaches. This month, we are pleased to include a couple of updates to key connectors to help organizations get the most out of their IGA deployments.

First, many organizations use SAP HCM for core HR, payroll, and other critical people analytics tasks, and need a way to ensure that as people’s identity data, roles, responsibilities, and more change, that they are properly governed. With this update, Omada’s out of the box SAP connector enables organizations to provision identity updates, such as writing email addresses back to the employee record, to SAP HCM. This helps to ensure that data is shared real-time on employee and workforce records and that as identity data changes, entitlements and access are appropriately adjusted and managed.

Second, in some systems, it is necessary to have the key for an account when provisioning assignments to the account. When a provisioning job contains both the account creation and the assignment creation, the Omada Provisioning Service can find the account key by lookups against the target system. This required several extra calls to the target system, and it was complicated to configure. OPS now saves the account key in the account creation task (if supplied by the target system) and can use that directly in the next tasks in the job (e.g., creating assignments). This enhancement simplifies connectivity for many business systems that rely on REST calls to communicate back to Omada.

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