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Omada and SecZetta Collaborate to Reduce Threat of Third-Party Breaches

August 27, 2021

Software Integration Provides Access and Identity Management for Non-Employees

Omada, a global leader of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), announced today an integration with SecZetta, a leading provider of third-party identity risk management solutions. The integration will enable organizations to reduce the risk of third-party data breaches.

SecZetta provides third-party identity risk solutions that are easy to use and purpose-built to help organizations execute risk-based identity access and lifecycle strategies for third-party non-employee populations: contractors, supply chain, vendors, partners, bots and more. The information collected in SecZetta pertaining to managing third parties’ identities, onboarding, role changes, contract extension, termination and identity risk management is used by Omada to inform better access decisions for third-party users.

Third parties comprise a large portion of many organizations. Most companies have a defined process inside an HCM (human capital management) system for managing employees but lack the same discipline when it comes to third parties. According to a recent report by Ponemon Institute, 54% of respondents say their organizations don’t have a comprehensive inventory of all third parties with access to their network. And 65% of organizations haven’t identified the third parties with access to the organization’s most sensitive data.

This lack of process with non-employees puts organizations at risk; an estimated two-thirds of data breaches today originate from a third party. Businesses need a solution to manage and identify all the people and things with access to corporate systems. SecZetta collects contextual information about third-party non-employees through a collaborative onboarding process and then provides that data to Omada for provisioning and de-provisioning of access, and identity governance and access for SecZetta’s customers.

Watch the webinar with Omada and SecZetta, along with CQURE, where company representatives will discuss the insider access risk posed by third parties and easy-to-implement steps attendees can do take to mitigate such risk.

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Jeremy Rohrs, Senior Vice President of Global Sales & Business Development, SecZetta, said: “Organizations are hyper-focused on adopting Zero Trust policies in the hope of reducing the risk of access-related cybersecurity incidents. Our integration with Omada enables organizations to extend the diligence they have around providing least privilege access to employees to their riskier, non-employee users.”

Michael Garrett, CEO, Omada, said: “With most organizations today relying on third parties to achieve business goals, it’s critical to get access management right. It’s a balance between security and productivity – and that’s what this integration provides. Organizations can work confidently with non-employees, knowing they are all fully accounted for without creating a drag on IT resources.”

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