The Anatomy of a Third-Party Breach

According to the 2021 Verizon Data Breach Investigation report, insiders at your organization are the leading cause for security breaches. Interestingly, many organizations are still overlooking an insider population often as large or even larger than their employee base, the third parties they provide with insider access.

View this on-demand webinar where you will learn the inside story of how one organization was exploited and easy-to-implement steps you can do to prevent the same from happening to your organization.

You will learn:

  • Common practices used by bad actors to breach an organization through trusted third-party access.
  • The easy-to-implement steps you can take to better manage all users, including third-party users, access to your data and systems.
  • How an authoritative source for managing third-party identities is the perfect complement to your IGA solution

Meet the Speakers

Paula Januszkiewicz, CEO, CQURE

CEO of CQURE Inc., Security Expert, Penetration Tester and Trainer, Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Regional Director. Paula Januszkiewicz is the Founder and CEO of CQURE Inc. and CQURE Academy. She is also Enterprise Security MVP, honorable Microsoft Regional Director for CEE and a world class cybersecurity expert, consulting Customers all around the world. In 2017, Paula graduated from Harvard Business School. She is a top speaker at conferences including Microsoft Ignite (she was rated No. 1 among 1,100 speakers at a conference with 26000 attendees), RSA (in 2017 in USA her two sessions were amongst the five hottest sessions), Black Hat 2018 USA or Gartner Security Summit. Her presentations gather thousands of people. In 2019, Paula’s presentation was voted best of Black Hat Asia 2019 Briefings!

Paula has 17 years of experience in the cybersecurity field, performing penetration tests, architecture consulting, trainings and seminars. Every year, before the pandemic, she took over 215 flights to provide security services, now she delivers tons of projects online. Paula also creates security awareness programs for various organizations, including awareness sessions for top management. Paula is a member of the Technical Advisory Board at Royal Bank of Scotland – helping to keep its security at the highest level possible! What is more, Paula has access to a source code of Windows!

Paula Januszkiewicz

Rod Simmons, VP of Product Strategy, Omada

Rod Simmons is VP of Product Strategy at Omada in North America and has an impressive track record of more than 20 years in the industry. Simmons has a passion for innovation and software design, and he has extensive experience in leading and designing cutting edge products and technologies. His key focus is on sharing his vision about the evolving IGA market and how Omada, a global market leader in Identity Governance and Administration, can assist companies with implementing successful IGA projects. He works closely with the product teams and CTO to define Omada’s vision and objectives to achieve goals successfully.

Rod Simmons
Cassie Christensen, Client Solutions Advisor, Identity and Data Management, SecZetta

Cassie Christensen brings more than 14 years of identity and data management experience into her current role. As a Client Advisor focusing on Third party identity and risk; Christensen works with clients and partners to manage to plan, build and run third party onboarding and risk programs.

Christensen’s security background includes managing strategic information security consulting engagements and assisting partners and vendors in creating both long- and short-term identity and data solutions and integrations to bring to market. She has spent time assisting with the Identity Defined Security Alliance which provides the framework and practical guidance that helps organizations put identity at the center of their security strategy, optimizing cyber security investments while controlling risk as IT infrastructures converge.

Prior to joining Optiv, Mrs. Christensen spent more than 10 years as a specialist in the field working on access management projects. Mrs. Christensen is a Colorado native and has Bachelor’s Degrees in Accounting and Finance from Colorado State University.

Casse Christensen

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