How to Plan Your IGA Project

Learn how to Plan your 2022 IGA Project with Five Critical Steps to Success | BrightTalk

In an ever-changing business landscape identity has become the new security perimeter. Modern Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) adds significant business value by automating processes to reduce security risk, strengthen compliance and improve efficiency. IGA is a key enabler of digital transformation, allowing secure and efficient collaboration with partners or contractors. Implementing or upgrading to the latest IGA solutions has become a high priority for IT and security professionals. However, IGA projects can be incredibly complex, and success is not guaranteed without a proven approach. To succeed with IGA many organizations are turning to full-featured, cloud-native IGA to reduce risk and ensure rapid time to value.

Key takeaways: 

  • What characterizes modern IGA
  • The 5 critical steps to ensure success of your IGA project
  • How Omada can help you to ensure high ROI and reduced TCO

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