Data to Decisions:
The Role of Analytics in Identity Governance and Administration

Speakers: Anna Nordström, Senior Product Manager and Paul Walker, Field Strategist, Omada

Wednesday May 29, 2024 | 3 pm CEST / 9 am EDT

Boost your IGA with data insights. Learn how analytics can empower your IGA strategy in this informative webinar.  

Designed specifically for executives and decision-makers like you, we’ll explore strategies for designing and interpreting IGA dashboards and reports that provide valuable insights aligned with strategic business goals. 

Join this webinar, where Paul Walker, Field Strategist, and Anna Nordström, Senior Product Manager at Omada, will illuminate more about: 

  • The Art of the IGA Dashboard: Discover best practices for crafting clear and actionable IGA dashboards that empower informed decision-making. 
  • Unlocking Analytics Potential: We’ll delve into methods for interpreting IGA data to gain a deeper understanding of user access, identify risks, and optimize governance processes. 
  • Alignment is Key: Learn how to ensure IGA analytics and reporting directly support organizational broader strategic objectives. 

 Don’t miss this opportunity to gain the insights needed to make data-driven decisions for your IGA program.  

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