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Omada Identity Cloud November Updates

Version 14 Cloud Update 8

November 9, 2021

Omada A/S (“Omada”), a global leader of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) software and cloud delivered IGA services, today introduced the latest update to Omada Identity, version 14 CU 8. This release builds on Omada’s track record of innovation with improved support for SAP HCM and deeper insights to help simplify identity governance, strengthen security, and empower customers.  

Delta Support for SAP HCM 

As employees start new jobs it is critical that they are not left waiting around for access so they can perform basic job tasks. Organizations that have deployed Omada Identity Cloud require that new employees are onboarded and assigned access rights immediately – so that new employees can be productive on day one. Additionally, as employees move departments, or leave the organization, keeping their access rights updated across systems and applications is a good way to ensure that as people change functions their access rights are automatically updated. Frequently, this means leveraging connectivity between Omada Identity Cloud and a common HR system, SAP HCM.  

 If SAP HCM is not integrated in real-time with an IGA solution, it can sometimes result in data imports taking a long time and stall the process of getting employees the access they require to be productive. With this release we have optimized the current integration between Omada and SAP HCM with support for reading only the changed data since the most recent import. This feature makes it so that administrators do not need to run batch jobs in SAP to populate a cache table before the import. This enhancement thereby cuts the import time in half (Omada testing showed between 50-75% cuts in duration) for the recurring imports, and thereby enabling a more efficient onboarding of employees, as well as being able to handle any identity lifecycle events in real-time, so that all identities are productive and secure.  

 Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Drill Downs 

Having detailed insights into what is actually happening throughout an organization’s environments is critical to maintaining order, enhancing security, and meeting compliance. Within Omada Identity Cloud, organizations leverage various KPIs to track progress and performance of key security, governance, and risk metrics as part of their overall IGA programs. With this release, administrators can drill down into several KPIs to help provide visibility into specific items that pose potential risks, and help to create an up-to-date, detailed work list for the team to address. This release features drill down capabilities into the following KPIs:  

  • Assignments granted without desired state  
  • Non-certified assignments  
  • Stale accounts  
  • Identities with high risk level  
  • Resource with high risk level 

     With additional data for each of these KPIs, teams can be sure that any activities that are occurring outside of the purview of Omada Identity Cloud are tracked, with details into what happened, why, and provides a clear path forward to reduce risk without impacting business output. For instance, with stale accounts, an administrator can easily see the account, who owns it, as well as the date of the last login, so that it can be remedied.  

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