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Omada Identity Cloud Update 9

December 21, 2021

Omada A/S (“Omada”), a global leader of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) software and cloud delivered IGA services, today introduced the latest update to Omada Identity Cloud, version 14 CU 9. This release builds on Omada’s track record of innovation with improvements towards our best-in-breed user interface, support for Microsoft Exchange hybrid, analytics engine enhancements, and surveying capabilities.  

Modern and user-friendly UI 

The latest update to our interface is the most modern yet and enables end users and administrators alike to get more out of their Omada deployments. This is the first of many improvements that we are going to be rolling out to make the user interface intuitive and fluid. This update features several key enhancements to the Omada Identity Cloud user interface: 

  • A Search bar has been added to the setup menu, saving the most recently searched items. This makes it much easier for administrators to find the functions they need without having to scroll and look through the menu items 
  • Easily change primary colors and the logo in the portal  
  • Improved Menu bar to enable users to navigate the Omada portal more easily  

Omada Identity Cloud Update 9

Microsoft Exchange Hybrid Support 

Microsoft Exchange can be configured in many ways, in the cloud, on-premises, and, critically in hybrid deployment models. As organizations move Exchange to the cloud, there still exists a large subset of Exchange resources that may stay on-premises; either permanently, or that are simply prioritized lower. With this release, Omada is pleased to introduce a new connectivity package that enables customers to manage their Microsoft Exchange system in an on-premises or hybrid installation. With this update customers can: 

  • Effortlessly manage mailboxes and access to these mailboxes by using default mappings 
  • Manage on-premises mailboxes and migrate them to cloud mailboxes (and vice versa), while maintaining compliance through integrated migration support. 
  • Provision additional access rights 
  • Import user mailboxes and access to user mailboxes 
  • Supports room, equipment and shared mailboxes 
  • Provision user mailboxes, access to mailboxes, access to room mailboxes, equipment mailboxes, shared mailboxes 

    Process Data in Analytics Engine 

    Gathering identity data and enriching it to enable administrators, managers, system owners, and auditors to all make better, safer, and more efficient decisions is a key piece of a successful identity governance program. The latest Omada release enriches access request and access approval data to better enable administrators to analyze requests and the processes for approvals. This release helps further optimize monitoring and processes for identity governance. New data that can now be processed in Omada Identity Cloud include:  

    • The number and percentage of access requests completed within the day, week, and month 
    • The number and percentage of access request questions completed, and approved within the day, week, and month 
    • The number and percentage of access request questions rejected within the day, week, and month 
    • The percentage of access requests completed within the day, week, and month 
    • The number of open access approvals 

    Survey: Parent/Child Relationships  

    Any object can have references and relationships to other objects; such as systems having owners, or roles having child resources. Being able to identify relationships between objects is an ongoing effort as applications change, accounts are created or decommissioned, or identities are introduced. With this latest release, Omada Identity Cloud customers can now configure survey functionality that allows the configuration of survey templates that survey the relationship between data objects (for example; survey child resources in a role, or survey resources in an assignment policy). This ensures that owners of resources are always up to date and that correct approvers for access requests are configured; which works to dramatically reduce the attack surface.  

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