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Omada Identity Cloud September Update

September 19, 2022

Omada, a global leader of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) software and cloud delivered IGA, today has introduced the latest updates to Omada Identity Cloud. The September update builds on Omada’s track record of innovation with huge steps forward in building on our pillar of bringing identity governance everywhere. This release helps customers by enhancing access request workflows in a variety of applications, performance improvements for extension attributes, and introducing new automation capabilities. This release aims to help customers optimize business efficiency, improve security, and meet compliance mandates.

Unified access requests within ServiceNow

With disparate systems for IGA and ITSM, come headaches for help desk operators, IAM leaders, and application owners. This type of clunky setup can create not only operational headaches, but lost productivity for end users as they sit around and wait for access to be approved. It can also lead to uncertainty as to where people need to go to request access to certain applications, creating additional pain for business operations.

With this latest release, Omada has integrated access request workflows into ServiceNow to provide a unified platform where business users can easily request access to any business application across hybrid, cloud, or multi-cloud environments. This release also includes the ability for business users to filter out already assigned access to enable efficient processes of being able to quickly identify what they are looking to request access to and continue with their tasks.

Extended API support to enable access requests within other clients

In addition to the out of the box support for the ServiceNow application, with this release, Omada Identity Cloud customers can also integrate with other clients for access requests. Further functionality via APIs include:

  • Select appropriate identity and context based on entitlements
  • Retrieve resources based on popularity
  • Filter out already assigned resources and resources

Improved performance

In addition to the exciting developments on extending access request workflows into commonly used business applications, with this release Omada Identity Cloud customers will have additional support for using attributes to help make reporting and query performance more optimal and efficient. Instead of querying extension attributes from xml columns, Omada Identity Cloud will now generate separate extension tables where each attribute is stored in separate columns. This helps to improve query performance of extension attributes and is especially important when exporting data to the Omada Enterprise Server and in reporting. We have measured that the query performance is up to 1,000x faster when filtering based on attributes.

Further, when configuring import from source systems, Omada Identity Cloud customers can now mark attributes as ‘multi-value’, to enable the import and handling of multi-value attributes.

Automated classification of accounts

With this release, Omada Identity Cloud customers now have access to a new account join & classification rule type, the Desired State Account Rule.  This automated functionality allows customers to join and classify an actual account by matching the actual account name with the desired state account names.  This affords customers the ability to match accounts that have arbitrary names to identities based on the desired state calculated by the Omada Role and Policy Engine (RoPE). This functionality enables an automatic join from the actual account to the identity and account type. This will also enable account joins for technical accounts with arbitrary account names, and generally reduces the need for manual account matching across the board.

Connectivity Community Additions

The Omada Connectivity Community was introduced in May of this year to help Omada customers and partners share connectivity packages to integrate business applications more easily, and with greater ease. Over the past several months there have been steady additions to the community, and there have been 13 new customer-driven connectivity packages, including notables like SAP Cloud Identity Authentication Service, Zendesk, and Zoom. The Omada Connectivity Community, the first of its kind to be introduced to market, continues to provide customers with the ability to connect to the broadest set of business applications and systems without the need for custom code.

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