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Omada Identity Cloud April Update

April 19, 2023

Omada, a global leader in intelligent identity governance and administration (IGA), today introduced the latest enhancements to Omada Identity Cloud, our full-featured IGA as a Service solution. This release introduces a variety of new capabilities aimed at making the solution easier to integrate with, more accessible, faster, and easier to navigate. This release, as all Omada updates do, is built with the aim of helping customers optimize business agility and operational efficiency, improve security, reduce risk and meet compliance mandates.


Highlights of this release include:

Azure AD Identity Protection integration

Identity Protection in Azure Active Directory can help automate the detection and remediation of identity-based risks, such as detecting events such as impossible travel, use of anonymous browsers, and other risk indicators when identities are attempting to sign into Azure Active Directory. These events can trigger automatic action in AAD, as well as generate a Risk detection in the Microsoft Graph API.

We are now introducing a new feature called Identity Risk Subscriptions that can be used to integrate to these APIs (application programming interfaces). This enables customers to subscribe to risk detections from Azure AD Identity Protection to enable organizations to react immediately to prevent misuse and investigate the issue. We have previously spoken about the dangers of entitlement creep and this new capability helps to surface risk indicators when identities are potentially abusing entitlements.


New User Experience for Attributes

We have introduced a new UI for adding attributes to Access Requests. Within the Access Request process, users will be prompted to select or enter the required attributes in the Resource attributes pane. This guides the user to the mandatory and optional attributes and provides validation so that the attributes are valid and can be provisioned into the target systems with the correct data.

Additionally, we have added a clear indication of which resources require attributes both in the resource search in the Access Request, as well as in the Review step of the process, and in the status view of completed and pending access requests.


Onboarding Guides

We continuously invest in the best user experience as noted in prior releases such as release 12 and 13, this release of the Omada platform does not disappoint. With the April 2023 release we are bringing several new features to help modernize the experience of the Omada platform, especially in terms of guidance for the user. This release introduces an “Onboarding guide” that contains useful information for the user about the page or functionality that is currently viewed. The first time a user opens a specific page, they will see a pop-up tooltip explaining the functionality or introducing any new options. The Onboarding guide will help streamline the user through the process and enhance the user experience.

Stay tuned for more onboarding tooltips as we continue to improve the Omada Identity Cloud user experience.


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