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Omada Identity Cloud Management Portal

One of the main reasons that organizations opt to use software as a service is to streamline operations. SaaS applications are preferred because they are thought to be easier to deploy, manage, and configure as organizational use cases and needs change. It is no different for Identity Governance and Administration (IGA). To that end, 66% of organizations deploying IGA solutions over the past 24 months noted that they chose to deploy them in the cloud. The Omada Identity Cloud Management Portal was created to help Omada Identity Cloud customers manage and curate their IGA as a Service deployments.

The Cloud Management Portal helps customers maximize their IGA programs by enabling them to create new environments, edit or delete existing ones, upgrade the system, customize the end-user experience, and more, all with minimal effort. The Cloud Management Portal provides all customers with three tiers of deployment environments included for integration, staging, and production. It provides an unlimited number of connected systems, data storage, and traffic for use. The Cloud Management Portal contains valuable information about the system’s status, whether environments are configured for production, whether the service complies with Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and more. Get the solution brief below or continue reading to learn more about Omada Identity Cloud Management Portal.

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Creating New Environments

Within the Cloud Management Portal, customers can easily create new environments without any assistance from the Omada team or support. This entire process takes just a couple of minutes and is driven by the intuitively designed user interface. First, the customer chooses the assigned Contract that the environment will be delivered from. Then, they find the Delivery Region that is closest to them, to ensure that latency is minimized, and local data privacy regulations are met. Then, the customer selects whether the environment is meant for production or non-production. Typically, the time to create a new environment takes between 1 and 2 hours, and customers are notified when it is ready for further configuration.

When logging in to the Cloud Management Portal, the home page lists out all the different Omada Identity Cloud environments that are assigned to the subscription. There are then a variety of actions that customers can execute for each environment. These actions include configuring environments, checking data imports, suspending environments, managing connectivity, restoring old environments, cloning environments, deleting environments, or locking environments.

Figure 1: Highlighting the various actions that can be taken on each environment

Within each environment, customers can also see additional details including what version of the product they are running, with audit logs that show what actions have been performed, the actor type (either system or user), who that person was, and when it happened. These logs are essential come audit time, or when performing internal testing.

Customers can also easily configure the solution to fit their specific aesthetic needs. Within the portal, customers can also easily select colors, but a feature within the console makes it even easier by analyzing an image of the logo and suggesting colors to fit the look and feel of each individual customer.

Monitoring Metrics

Being able to track success is also a vital piece of the Cloud Management Portal. Within the user interface, Omada Identity Cloud customers can monitor things the number of production and non-production environments are used within certain time periods. This helps customers keep track of what is currently running and active, and in some cases can illuminate ways to cut costs and improve security if certain environments are running that should not be. Customers can also monitor the performance of each production environment against the delivered SLA of Omada Identity Cloud to help customers easily track the uptime of the solution. Omada commits its SaaS offering to a 99.9% uptime, with observed uptime of just over 99.997% in the past 12 months.

Upgrading with Confidence

Within the Cloud Management Portal, customers can also very easily initiate upgrades with a simple click of a button. Unlike other vendors, Omada provides customers with flexible upgrade windows to fit their business needs. When performing minor dot releases, customers can easily perform them from directly inside the portal without soliciting assistance from Omada.

Figure 2: Upgrade the environment with a simple click


The Omada Identity Cloud Management Portal provides customers with industry-best speed and simplicity at which they can get an IGA solution up and running, with unique insights into the system status, usage, how the cloud service performs against the SLA, and more.

The configurability of the portal provides customers with the ability to seamlessly create new environments, delete old ones, and customize the end user experience whenever they interact with Omada Identity Cloud to make it intuitive, seamless, and comfortable, without relying on support tickets or the Omada team to get things done.

This service comes standard for all Omada Identity Cloud customers and provides a simplified, powerful configuration interface that lowers the barriers of starting an identity management project, provides the backbone for a full-featured enterprise Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution, and reduces enterprise costs and time spent performed on administrative tasks.

Omada Identity Cloud Management Portal

Omada Identity Cloud Management Portal

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