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Omada Identity Maturity Model

Identity Governance is a Journey


With the increasing complexity of the IT landscape, organizations need to be more diligent than ever in the way they manage, protect, and enable their workforce. In particular, Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) will require a defined strategy, standardized processes, and quality data to scale. The Omada Identity Maturity Model provides the roadmap to scale and succeed on your IGA journey.


Customer Value Journey for Identity Maturity

Omada Identity Maturity Model provides the foundation for introducing IGA and moving along the journey to master identity governance and administration. After establishing prerequisites in the environment, the journey goes through 5 value stages. Each stage moves the organization along the journey of mastering identity governance thus increasing identity security, improving operational efficiency, strengthening compliance, and reducing risks in the organization.

  1. Stage 1 – Operational: During the first stage, priority systems are onboarded, basic IGA processes are configured, and key employees have acquired operational competencies.
  2. Stage 2 – Controlled: In the second stage, role modeling and basic enterprise roles are introduced, together with self-service capabilities for better user management.
  3. Stage 3 – Governed: During the third stage, governance is enhanced with constraint and SoD policies. Integration with process support systems such as ITSM, PAM, CIAM, and GRC is established, and more self-service procedures like access re-certification are rolled out.
  4. Stage 4 – Responsive: The fourth stage focuses on applying classification and risk metrics to roles, policies, and processes as well as establishing processes and triggers for violations, re-certification campaigns, and potential security breaches.
  5. Stage 5 – Optimized: The goal of the last stage is for the organization to realize the full potential of the IGA solution including the application of various use cases and system behavior based on identity types, advanced content utilization, and risk calculations.

Deploying a modern IGA solution like Omada Identity Cloud allows organizations to activate critical IGA capabilities methodically. The Omada Identity Maturity Model sets the foundation for ongoing success. Download the full product brief to learn more.

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