Identity Governance Product Briefs

Harness Seamless Connectivity with Omada

Are you struggling with managing access across all your cloud applications?

The rise in cloud applications demands a smarter approach to identity management and governance. Organizations require an IGA solution and framework that can effectively manage user sprawl, secure access, and help businesses stay compliant.

Introducing Omada’s Configurable Connectivity Framework: your answer to effortless, futureproof identity governance. Built on modern IGA architecture, our framework facilitates template-driven connectivity, enabling seamless integration with hundreds of applications all without writing a line of code.

By adopting the Omada Configurable Connectivity Framework, organizations will be able to:

  1. Effortlessly onboard their applications using our connectors and pre-built templates – no coding required
  2. Connect to any application or system, even legacy systems, with our Omada SDK
  3. Implement agile, secure, and compliant access management in the cloud

Download our spotlight brief today and learn more about how Omada’s Configurable Connectivity Framework can revolutionize how you manage identities.



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